Feral Cat Rescue

Feral Cats Versus Free Roaming Cats

Free-roaming cats are generally friendly toward people and may have an owner, but are allowed to roam free, or were owned at some time in the past but have been abandoned. Feral cats are not socialized and do not make good pets as they are scared of people and can rarely be touched or domesticated. 

Trap, Neuter, Release

NALA Rescue works with homeowners and other rescues to trap over-populated feral cats and have them spayed or neutered.  Once these cats are healed, their ears are clipped for ease of identification and then they are released to home “sponsors” or back into the wild where they continue to live their lives as healthy, wild cats but no longer present an overpopulation problem.  

If you are interested in offering a warm cathouse for these feral cats and supporting NALA Rescue’s work to keep feral cats healthy and curb overpopulation, please contact us

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