Programs and Services

We are working to change the way society thinks about animals and animal rescues.  We love the unlovable and help animal advocates carry out their cause and help the helpless!

NALA Rescue is not limited in the services we offer — if there is a need, we work to fill it!  Here’s a few examples to help you get a better sense of what NALA Rescue does for our community:

  • Animal fostering–this includes fostering for military personnel on deployment
  • Feral cats–we trap, spay and neuter feral cats, and return them to loving “sponsor” homes to provide them housing and regular food but allowing them to roam and live their best wild cat lives!  All natural rodent control at its best! Do you want feral cats or need support controlling a population? Let us know!
  • Assisting other rescues with securing low- to no-cost pharmaceuticals.
  • Adoption placement services
  • Community education–there is so much to learn about animal rescues, puppy mills, and how to be a good pet owner

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