Build Toys for our Kitties

NALA Rescue is at Cat-Pacity!!!! We aren’t Kitten around! We litter-ally need your help! Enough puns? Seriously, there are SO many ways that you can help, and a majority of them don’t require you to take an animal into your home (although we won’t object to that either).

We currently have over 60 cats/kittens in foster homes. And these kiddos want to be entertained (naturally). It’s easy to pick out a scratch post or cat condo online and we will accept those with open arms! Are you handy with a drill, some glue, and a staple gun? Perfect. DIY scratch posts and towers are a home run with these felines! The best part. . . we actually have the carpet, rope, and wood remnants to create the magic if you have the know-how. Unfortunately, most of our volunteers are too busy taking care of animals to build these Pillars of Play.

If you are looking for a way to help but don’t want to be “hands on” with animals, this is one of the MANY ways that NALA Rescue could benefit from your talents and time. We would LOVE for you to join our team in a way that suits YOU!!!!

We are very appreciative of our volunteers, and there is no way we could save animals without the help of every walk of life. Thanks for Sharing!

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