Omaha rescue group receives shipment of 69 cats and dogs that need forever homes

Rick Ruggles
Dec 25, 2020 

One dog or cat makes for a sweet Christmas gift, but 69 of them? That’s how many animals an Omaha rescue group took in Wednesday from an Arkansas organization.

Nebraska’s Animal Loving Advocates, or NALA Rescue for short, is putting the animals into foster homes this week, with its next goal to eventually find permanent homes for them.

The Arkansas-based Artemis Project received NALA’s approval and piled a large van high with kennels holding 32 dogs and 37 cats. The Artemis Project is a new organization that has tried to fill a void in Arkansas after the Fort Smith-area humane shelter closed in 2019. The project frequently transports dogs and cats to rescue and shelter groups in other states.

NALA Rescue founder Angie Hospodka said 69 animals is a record intake for her group, which has been around about five years. The organization has 80 volunteers and no paid employees. The rescue group survives on donations and adoption fees.

Some of the cats and all of the dogs have already been distributed to foster homes, Hospodka said. The animals received vaccinations in Arkansas, she said, but the Omaha-area organization is responsible for covering medical assessments, placing microchips in the animals, treating them for fleas and worms, and spaying and neutering those that are old enough for the procedures.

Three dogs have heartworm, and Hospodka said the care the 69 animals will receive from her group will end up costing NALA $15,000 to $20,000.

“All these guys need homes now,” she said. “Like real, forever homes.”

The group’s website is

Courtesy of The Omaha World Herald

Omaha Gives/Share Omaha – Giving Tuesday!

NALA Rescue is a 100% volunteer-based organization steadfast in its commitment to changing the way society thinks about animals, animal rescues, and the impact animals have on humans. We understand the importance of feeling needed and loved, a “connection” if you will. With the help of our Animal Advocates, we are striving to match every animal in need of a home, with people who can provide loving homes where both will enjoy the benefits of this companionship. All our animals have an all-inclusive adoption fee – NALA Rescue provides all vaccinations, spay/neutering services, microchipping, and supplies for “trial periods.”

Before our animals are ready for adoption, some have special needs that NALA Rescue addresses. When it comes to special needs of cats, NALA Rescue’s Animal Advocates provide care for the smallest kittens (those under 1 pound) from the NHS. In our care, these babies are bottle fed and rehabilitated. In addition to the very smallest kittens, we also take felines from NHS that have ringworm. If not for the relationship our volunteers have cultivated with the NHS, these cats would be euthanized. Further, we provide trap and release (TNR) services for feral cats, ensuring that they are vaccinated and spayed/neutered, so they can be returned responsibly to the community. Finally, we provide medical and behavioral support for as many cats as we can financially and physically provide.

Like the services provided to felines, NALA Rescue’s commitment to canines is much the same! We provide bottle feeding and treatment for canine illnesses and diseases such as parvo, heartworm, distemper, and orthopedic surgery.

From rehoming healthy animals to caring for the sickest of the sick, NALA Rescue’s Animal Advocates are committed to working to make life better for animals in the community. This commitment comes with great responsibility and a hefty price tag. So far in 2020, we have found homes for 640 animals and spent over $130,000 on food, medications, surgeries, and other animal needs. In addition to monetary donations, NALA Rescue is also in need of more volunteers – from fosters to event attendees to transportation services, we need it all! We hope that someday there will not be a need for services such that NALA Rescue provides to the sick, neglected, abused, and unwanted, but until that day, we will be there with open homes, hearts, and arms.

If you want to donate to NALA Rescue via the Omaha Gives/Share Omaha – Giving Tuesday event, visit us at the link below!

Feral Cat Rescue Volunteers Needed

Anyone out there interested in learning how to trap feral cats? Fear not!  It’s actually really easy to do….we will walk you through the process of going to the location where the cats are roaming and setting the trap.  Once the trap is set, all you have to do is sit back and wait for a phone call that a kitty is in the trap, waiting for some TLC from NALA Rescue!  

NALA Rescue desperately needs more sets of hands to support us in finding feral cats in need of spaying or neutering and placement back into our community.  If you are looking for an easy way to give back to NALA Rescue in a way that demands little time but gives a big impact, this your opportunity!  Please contact us to learn how you can help control the feral cat population in our community. 

Why You Should Adopt from a Shelter

Have you been thinking about expanding your family to add a new furry friend? Look no further than your nearest animal shelter. We’ve compiled a list of the top reasons you should consider a shelter animal for your next pet.

You’ll be saving a life.

In the United States, early 3 million dogs and cats are euthanized every year. When you adopt a pet from a shelter, you’re giving that animal a second chance. They’ve likely been given up or abandoned, and by taking them into your home, you’re giving them the loving home they deserve. You’ll also be opening up shelter space for a new animal that needs it.

Adopting costs less than buying from a breeder or pet store.

When you adopt a pet from a shelter, they’re often already spayed/neutered and have their first vaccinations. Some are even microchipped. These services are included in the adoption price, saving you a hefty bill from the veterinarian. 

Many shelter pets are already housebroken.

A lot of the animals at shelters were given up from their previous owners. This means many of them require little to no training on using a litter box or going outside. These animals likely have no issues with socializing with humans, but be sure to introduce them to your current pets before adopting if the shelter recommends it.

Shelter pets are often healthier than those bought elsewhere.

When animals are brought into shelters, they are given full physicals. Many shelters also have veterinary clinics on site to treat any medical conditions animals may have. This way, you’ll know the pet you’re adopting is in tip-top shape. 

Pet stores, and even some breeders, cannot guarantee the same health services for their animals that shelters can. Dogs sold at pet stores are often raised in puppy mills with unsanitary conditions, and they can carry diseases like pneumonia and parasites.

You’ll be supporting a worthy local charity.

By adopting a pet from an animal shelter, you’re helping a non-profit continue its mission. You can also spread the word about the shelter to those who ask where you got your pet. Shelters help the community by spaying and neutering their animals, reducing the odds of more unwanted animals.

You’ll find a friend for life.

Pets bring an endless amount of joy to people’s lives. They’ve been proven to be emotionally, physically and psychologically helpful to their owners. They can also alleviate feelings of loneliness. When you adopt a pet, you’re changing both its life and yours.

Adopting a pet from an animal shelter is one of the best things you can do for your happiness, as well as for your pet’s. It instills a sense of purpose and fulfillment. When you adopt, you can be proud you helped an animal in need.

Five Reasons Why You Should Adopt a Mutt

All dogs are wonderful, but December 2 is a day dedicated to the special mixed-breed pups of the world. Mutts make up the majority of domesticated dogs in the world and the vast majority of dogs in shelters. They can be amazing additions to any family and deserve to be adopted into loving homes.

If their adorable faces alone aren’t enough to convince you, here are five reasons why mutts are great dogs to adopt.

They’re adaptable.

Because mutts don’t have rigid purposes engrained in their DNA like purebreds, they can more easily adapt to a variety of environments and jobs. They can go with the flow of your lifestyle with more ease than purebreds, as long as you get them the exercise and excitement every dog needs.

They make wonderful service dogs.

Service dog training used to be limited to only purebreds, but it has since opened up to all dogs with the right intelligence and patience. Mutts have combinations of the best qualities of multiple breeds, so they bring unique talents and skills to their service.

They have fewer health problems than other dogs.

Purebreds are more prone to health issues because genetic disorders stay in their bloodline. Mutts have more diverse genes, which lowers their chances of developing the ailments common in their purebred ancestors.

Adopting a mutt is more affordable.

When you adopt from a shelter, you could pay a fee of up to $200 for  your dog. This is significantly cheaper than buying a dog from a breeder who may charge more than $1,000. Plus, shelter dogs typically are already spayed or neutered, which saves you on veterinary costs. 

You’ll be giving your new best friend an amazing life.

Every shelter mutt deserves caring owners, personalized attention and space to run around. No matter what dog you choose to adopt, you’ll be giving it a better life and your new companion will bring you so much joy in return.

NALA Rescue News

Have you been wondering what NALA Rescue has been up to? We have to. Here’s the latest and greatest goodness from NALA Rescue.

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who has supported NALA Rescue over the last two months. Since June, we have been able to rescue 86 cats/kittens, and a couple of dogs as well! We distributed all of our supplies to our wonderful foster homes (yes, our food/supply pantry was completely emptied in August). Don’t forget about our wish list on Amazon — we need support restocking for our current and future fosters!

NALA Rescue Feeds 80 Local Animals

What an awesome weekend!!!!!! Thank you EVERYONE! We’re off to stock up our stellar foster homes, with 80 mouths to feed this stash will Help us catch up on getting these kitties adopted!! For those of you donating money or goods, THIS is what your support can do for us, our foster homes, and our animals!

Build Toys for our Kitties

NALA Rescue is at Cat-Pacity!!!! We aren’t Kitten around! We litter-ally need your help! Enough puns? Seriously, there are SO many ways that you can help, and a majority of them don’t require you to take an animal into your home (although we won’t object to that either).

We currently have over 60 cats/kittens in foster homes. And these kiddos want to be entertained (naturally). It’s easy to pick out a scratch post or cat condo online and we will accept those with open arms! Are you handy with a drill, some glue, and a staple gun? Perfect. DIY scratch posts and towers are a home run with these felines! The best part. . . we actually have the carpet, rope, and wood remnants to create the magic if you have the know-how. Unfortunately, most of our volunteers are too busy taking care of animals to build these Pillars of Play.

If you are looking for a way to help but don’t want to be “hands on” with animals, this is one of the MANY ways that NALA Rescue could benefit from your talents and time. We would LOVE for you to join our team in a way that suits YOU!!!!

We are very appreciative of our volunteers, and there is no way we could save animals without the help of every walk of life. Thanks for Sharing!

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